"Librarians will love the cat-and-mouse wordplay of the literary allusions, and series fans will be delighted with the creepy surprise that the last chapter promises for book four." -Booklist

Kirkus calls Flash Point, "Just the gift for connoisseurs of multiple murders who also want to plume themselves on their knowledge of literary classics."

Publisher's Weekly calls FLASH POINT "Marshall’s absorbing third mystery featuring FBI profiler Jenna Ramey...Adding spice is Jenna’s special gift, grapheme-color synesthesia, which allows her to use colors she associates with people and situations to help her determine the truth." 

What Readers Are Saying About Flash Point:

"I truly enjoyed the fast pace of this book, the intriguing literary puzzles, and the cast of unique, complex, compelling characters." -PShaw, Netgalley Reviewer

"Colby Marshall creates thrillers full of heart. If you haven't met Dr Jenna Ramey, you will fall in love with her ordered mind and her kaleidoscopic analysis. You'll fall in love with her family (ok, maybe not the mom so much) and with her boyfriend. You'll even fall in love with the secondary characters...Don't miss out on this wonderful series by a truly talented author." --Author Yvonne Walus



"Infuses perception, savant tendencies, psychiatry, and mass murder in a Gil Grissom-(or current incarnation)-meets-Oliver-Sacks delight...”--Huffington Post

Open Book Society says that with Double Vision, Dr. Jenna Ramey has "developed into a wonderful and unique mystery series...Colby Marshall has written a new and intriguing main character in Dr. Ramey and this second book has her character even more evolved and interesting...This is not your normal run of the mill mystery. It pops with colorful words and actions as bright as Dr. Ramey’s views of the world...I would recommend Double Vision to anyone who enjoys superlative mystery, full of intrigue and interesting characters. You do not have to have read the first in the series to thoroughly enjoy this installment. It is fascinating and keeps the reader guessing and following the leads through every turn. With the main character being an FBI profiler, she is intelligent while still being human and relatable. This is a great read and kept me involved at every turn. I look forward to more in this fascinating mystery series."

"I was straight in and stayed with it till the end. I suspect the reason for this is that the plot is far above average. I'm a crime fiction fan. I suppose you could call me an aficionado, in that I know what I like and I know what makes a good one...Jenna's synaethesia is fascinating, and seems pretty well researched. The phenomena is meticulously described without being overdone, and the actual plot-line encompasses at least three criminals and works everything together masterfully... Who is this book for?  Do you like a bit of Hannibal Lector style action with an intriguing collection of killers and empathetic police officers? Double Vision is for you.  If you like this book, you would also like...You don't have to wait for the next one to come out, get a hold of Colby Marshall's first novel!" --Illiterati

What Other Authors Are Saying about Double Vision:"Every investigation is about ways of seeing, and Colby Marshall explores this idea to compelling effect in the propulsive Double Vision.  Smart, twisty, surprising."  -- Andrew Pyper, Internationally bestselling author of The Damned


What Readers Are Saying About Double Vision:

"I loved the complexity of the situations and the characters...enough twists and turns that kept me reading all through the night!" --Jessica Doyle, Fraser

"Double Vision was so much fun to read that I couldn't put it down and I finished it in two days. The main character, colors with different people or attitudes and uses this unique capability to help solve crimes. Molly, a six year old witness to a crime, understands numbers in an equally fascinating way. The interactions between the two characters was really what kept me hooked. Double Vision gives just enough detail to describe the crime, without causing nightmares.  I really enjoyed this story, and the characters. Anyone who enjoys the futuristic murder mysteries written under Nora Robert's pen name would enjoy Double Vision." --Jessica Gardiner, Bristol

 "This is the first book I've read by Colby Marshall, and I can absolutely say it won't be my last! I read it in a day, I couldn't put it down." --Lisa Ward, Moreno Valley

"...the overall theme of the series is quite unparalleled in most of the main stream mysteries I have read. Marshall gives her heroine Jenna a very rare neurological condition known as synesthesia, in which the patient's neurological pathways are so closely related that they are almost connected. Put simply, this heroine sees in color...This was fascinating and it's a real condition. Marshall does't bombard the reader with too much information about it, but she uses it in a way that makes this story something completely different than anything I've read before. Well done!" --Debbie's Book Bag, book blog

"Double Vision by Colby Marshall is the second book in the Dr. Jenna Ramey series, but you needn't read the first book, Color Blind, to enjoy Double Vision... I really appreciated the diversity in the characters. Dr. Jenna Ramey has synesthesia, her boyfriend, Yancy, is an amputee with a prosthetic leg, and Jenna has a daughter, Ayana, from a previous marriage and she's mixed. Guess which one of these traits takes center stage in the book? The synesthesia.  All too often I see books about someone with a physical disability and that character lacks dimension because all the character talks about are the challenges of having a disability. Likewise, all too often I see Black/African American characters who are written as though they lack dimension because the whole premise of their characters are to talk about what it's like being Black/African American. While these perspectives are certainly valid, I feel they're overdone and don't explore the complex range of thoughts and emotions that these characters might feel just by being human. It's almost like in lieu of a personality, these characters are defined by one dominant trait about them. I'm happy to say that Colby Marshall doesn't do this--all the characters are just portrayed as normal human people with normal human emotions. I also appreciate the family structure the Rameys have. Jenna isn't your stay-at-home-mom who's supportive of all her husband's grand adventures stopping crime. She's educated, hard working and clever at her job, while her father and brother run the household and take care of Ayana. I like how Jenna is multifaceted and that she clearly loves her daughter, yet her entire identity is not derived from motherhood. Furthermore, the clues take the reader on an adventure in Greek mythology, numerology, and religious conspiracy theory all rolled into one...And the best part is that the perpetrator is the LAST person (or people) that you'd expect. I was drawn in immediately from the first chapter. There's a steady stream of intrigue...the story keeps you on your toes....If you're already a fan of crime/thriller/mystery books, you'll be right at home with Double Vision. If female crime-stoppers or badass women is your genre kryptonite, this is for you. Or if you just want a light reading page-turner as an escape, add this to your To Be Read list." --Mandy Shunnarah, Birmingham 

 "It sucked me in just like the first book "Color Blind" that introduced Dr. Jenna Ramey, her peculiar way of taking things in, her daughter, her brother and father and also her serial-killer mom...the timing of the revelations in the book is impeccable and takes your breath away..." --Nadine Hartung, New York 

"I really loved the twists and turns throughout this book... Wonderful story." --Virginia Winfield, Davenport

"This story had me captivated from the beginning all the way to the end...The characters are well-written and likable and the story line provides enough twists and turns to keep you guessing." --Kristen Heyl, Lowell

"Jenna and Molly make this book. It's so interesting to learn about them and how they see the world. I am not usually a big fan of muder [sic] mysteries but this book shares it's focus with how humans understand and interact with the world around them." --Kathleen Wade, Hemlock

"Awesome book... It made me think of one of my favorite tv shows while reading which is "Criminal Minds" as well as few others so it was a lot of fun. Profiling, numbers, colors, evidence, profiling, details, all awesome!" --Melissa I, Egg Harbor Township

"This is an unique character with a very rare condition. I truly enjoyed the suspense right up to the end. I would recommend this to readers who are looking for a true suspense novel with a non-run of the mill character, and a boring plot. Indeed, a very suspenseful, enjoyable book to read." --Barbara Baverstock, Holbrook    

"This story and its characters will hook you from the first chapters. The combination of Jenna' s and Molly's special connections with the world around them makes solving the mass shooting crime an intriguing read... you must read this for yourself. I will now go purchase this author's previous book, "Color Blind" and will look forward to the continuing fast paced cases of FBI profiler Jenna Ramey." --Betty Simmons, Cheraw

"Marshall's strength lies in creating likable but flawed characters who have huge issues to overcome but who have an inner kindness and decency. The relationships between her characters are also rich and satisfying." 


Publisher's Weekly calls COLOR BLIND an "entertaining first in a new thriller series from Marshall," and says Dr. Jenna Ramey "...proves clever enough without resorting to her synesthesia, which only reinforces conclusions she draws from more conventional clues. Readers will look forward to seeing more of this appealing heroine."

"Colby Marshall’s wondrous 'Color Blind' features one of the most original heroines to grace the pages of thriller fiction in years. Dr. Jenna Ramey suffers from a rare condition called synesthesia, which allows her to actually see people’s emotions in varying color shades, a kind of Crayola-bred intuition. Her illness allows Jenna to supplement her passions as an FBI forensic psychiatrist, which in this case means dealing with a mass murderer whose incarceration has somehow not ended his reign of terror. T. Jefferson Parker mined similar material to great use in 'The Fallen,' but Marshall proves herself every bit his equal in this rivetingly effective tale that will stoke memories of early James Patterson at his best."--Providence Journal

“Dr. Jenna Ramey, a forensic psychologist in Colby Marshall's stellar debut, 'Color Blind'(Berkley), is also on the synesthesia spectrum, a characteristic that drew me to her book initially…Ramey's perceptions of people's emotions are seen in bursts of vibrant colors.Marshall's style is clipped and spare, her main character and her powerful perceptions an intriguing hero.” --Carole E. Barrowman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"“COLOR BLIND is fast-paced, suspenseful, and surprising. Forensic psychiatrist Jenna Ramey is a great heroine, whose synesthesia offers a fascinating approach to investigation. Colby Marshall has written a top-notch debut novel.”—Meg Gardiner, author of Phantom Instinct 

“High stakes and frequent setbacks keep the action taut and demonstrate Jenna's human frailties. Readers will eagerly await Jenna's next adventure, and with an imminent sequel, their wishes will quickly come true.”—Shelf Awareness

"Dr Jenna Ramey is in serious danger of becoming as famous a thriller protagonist as Jack Reacher. She's quirky, highly principled, lovable."--Yvonne Walus, author of Project Genocide and Murder @ Play

What Readers Are Saying About Color Blind:

"COLOR BLIND is an action-packed thriller that I found very entertaining. I enjoyed the complexities of the story and the many twists and turns...I found the characters to be interesting, especially Jenna; and I look forward to reading more novels starring Jenna in the future.

It probably goes without saying that I found Jenna and her synesthesia to be fascinating...I enjoyed Jenna's intelligence and her ability to balance her intuitions with her sensibilities...I liked that the author incorporated Jenna's personal life into the story. I found her history with her ex to be interesting, and her issues with her mother were downright fascinating!

As far as mysteries go, this one kept me guessing...As the pieces came together towards the action-packed ending, I ended up being surprised by quite a few events. Overall, I was impressed..." --Julie P.,

"This is a well-written, fast-moving story with lots of satisfying twists and turns. Color it GOOD!"--Susan Flett Swiderski

"Ms. Marshall can turn a thriller into a book that you can't put down once you begin. She is entertaining and suspenseful in her writing style and keeps the reader on their toes, intrigued, and interested in reaching the end. I can't wait for her next book!"--T.J. Meyers

" Color Blind is the first in a new series starring this interesting doctor who is an FBI forensic psychiatrist. Her special trait is one shared by the author herself. I think this makes her more readable and interesting...This is an intense thriller filled with bizarre characters and lovable ones too...I would recommend Color Blind to any reader that enjoys thrillers, well written mysteries and unique characters...Dr Jenna Ramey is going to be an interesting protagonist and I look forward to more in this series. This enjoyable read is packed with mystery, thrills, action, and even a bit of romance."--Open Book Society

"Jenna is a very intelligent woman with a great understanding of psychopathy...extremely entertaining and full of excitement... Jenna Ramey is a captivating character that will be a whirlwind force for more spectacular novels to come!"--A. Echols

"A great read! I am a fan of Mary Higgins Clark and James Patterson and now Colby Marshall. There was just the right amount of character development and plenty of twists and turns. I found myself racing through the last few chapters, eager to reach the next twist and see how the story concluded. There were definitely some surprises I didn't see coming, even when I thought I had an idea. Looking forward to more Dr. Jenna Ramey books and going back to read Colby Marshall's other books. Glad to know I've found another "go to" author guaranteed to deliver a good thriller."--Christine Yoder


 What Other Authors Are Saying about Chain of Command:

"Carved from the tradition of top-flight political thrillers, Chain of Command is a sizzling potboiler of a tale that threatens to rewrite the rules of the entire genre. Not since Seven Days in May, Six Days of the Condor, and the marvelous work of Alan Drury has an author so wondrously captured the government in ultimate crisis. Colby Marshall's sterling debut may transpire over more than six or seven days, but like me you'll probably finish it in a single night, racing the dawn to flip the last page. A classic concept updated to fit our politics wary world."   --Jon Land, bestselling author of Pandora's Temple 

"The first chapter of this book will shock you--and the shocks keep right on coming. Colby Marshall has written a book that deserves to be called THRILLER."   --R.L. Stine, New York Times bestselling author of Red Rain, The Haunting Hour, and the Goosebumps series

"Fewer and fewer novels hold my interest these days, but this one grabbed me and held on through a plethora of plot twists that kept me guessing until near the end." --Dale Cozort, author of All Timelines Lead to Rome

"Kept me turning pages late into the night trying to figure it out. It was mysterious, action packed, filled with political intrigue, and had a good dose of sexy thrown in for good measure." --Jennifer Walkup, author of Second Verse

"If you're the kind of person who likes the idea of political thriller/action/espionage kind of books, but who in practice cannot wade through a Tom Clancy book, I have the answer for you. Chain of Command has just the right number of layers to its plot, a level of detail that will keep your attention but not bog you down, and a tough main character you will want to cheer for." --Bryn Greenwood, author of Last Will and Lie Lay Lain

What Readers Are Saying About Chain of Command:

"As I've said before, it's difficult to fool me. I usually predict the ending of books. Chain of Command was a great page burner with a wonderful twist at the ending. I predicted part of it, but I suspect most people will be thoroughly shocked. As I said, I was only half right. I fell for part of the trap and it takes talent to get me to fall for a trap. Furthermore, I thought this book was written by a man because the military details were presented so perfectly. Who's a female veteran? DOH! I realize that's an old-fashioned, sexist attitude on my part. Ms. Marshall did her homework, as evidenced by the list of people who helped her keep the book believable in the acknowledgments at the end. Anyone who follows my reviews knows how important believability is to this reviewer. Brava Ms. Marshall. Or should I say "Hoo Yah!"? I definitely recommend Chain of Command." --Rochelle Weber,

 "Well written good versus evil book. A joy to read.  What a surprise ending. Could this happen? You bet it could. Well done." --Terri Hrynewich, Indigo

 "What can I say? This book was one hell of a ride! I mean, from the first page to the last, this book kept right on rolling with action. McKenzie is a sharp girl with an even sharper wit. She's got the guts to take on finding the truth in this story. She's a strong character. Noah is a strong character as well. His presence in the book is just as commanding as McKenzie's. The two of them together made a huge impression on me. I seriously could not put this book down. Usually, when I try to find a good place to stop so I can pick the book up later, it's not a problem. But I couldn't find a good spot to put this book DOWN! That's rare for me these days. So if you want to read an awesome thriller with lots of twists that will keep you guessing from cover to cover, pick this book up!" --M.L. Chestley, 

"Just one word can sum up this book. WOW. I really loved the first few pages. It gets you from the start. It was very fast paced and not boring at all. Hated to put it down at night to go to bed. Will for sure recommend this author and book to friends. Enjoyed this book to the last page. can't wait for the next one." --John McCrory 

"Awesome page-turner guaranteed to keep you up into the wee small hours. It's complex and challenging, and one definitely needs to pay attention but it's well worth it. RECOMMENDED TO ALL." --Paddy O'Callaghan



What Other Authors Are Saying about The Trade:

"An intricate puzzle that will keep you guessing until the very end!" --New York Times Bestselling Thriller Author C.J. Lyons 

What Readers Are Saying About The Trade:

"I came across "The Trade" by Colby Marshall quite by chance when I was looking through the Crime and Mystery section of a review section ~ I am So glad I did! The Trade is everything I look for in a read. It contains a strong female lead, women being stalked and babies being stolen. There were red herrings left right and centre (including a very clever decoding using a bible...) and a massive twist right at the end of the book which was so unexpected and shocking ~ it quite thrilled me!! A brilliant Psychological Thriller and I wholly urge people to read this." --Sophie Bristow Harris, Administrator, Facebook Kindle Suggestions 

"...a well-thought out, well plotted thriller with lots of twists and turns, as you'd expect. It was a thrilling ride and McKenzie McClendon was a wonderful heroine. She's a strong character in her own right and no point did you think she needed a strong man to get her out of danger.

There were red herrings throughout and I didn't guess the final twist, so I was pleased to be so surprised. I enjoyed the book, from the investigations to McKenzie's run-ins with her new boss at the paper who doesn't want to give her enough time to investigate properly...A great page-turning read for any crime or mystery fan." --Annette Gisby, NetGalley reviewer

"This is my first book by Colby Marshall and it will not be my last...This book was very well written with heart pounding, pulse racing speed while McKenzie is off to find the 'Cradler Robber' killer. It is a story that is an entertaining thriller that I highly recommend."--Deb Krezner, NetGalley Reviewer